I often hear such desperate voices from entrepreneurs who go from bank to bank in search of a source of financing for their business.

They were the ones who felt the most the tightening of lending policy as a result of the recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

Banks do not want to grant us loans, so we can not grow !!!

But from conversations with business owners, I conclude that they are not fully aware that there are other forms of financial support, much more available than a typical bank loan and, above all, much cheaper. This also applies to people just starting their adventure with business, whose wandering around the banks ends in fiasco.

I know that an entrepreneur running his own business, above all, feels very well in his industry, including what he does on a daily basis, while he knows little about matters that go beyond his competence.
That is why I, the Financial Advisor, am here to support
Business owners, among others, in finding optimal financing solutions for the company in the field of:

v Construction and extension of facilities,

v Purchase of machines, devices and equipment,

v Means of transport

The office’s offer includes not only bank loans

The office

But also loans from various foundations, bearing interest at 1% per annum.
It often happens that the analysis of the company’s financial situation shows that its activities can be financed with the use of such financial instruments as, for example, leaseback or mortgage with a repayment date deferred for 10 years !!!
(This is not a mistake – the Bank will wait 10 years for the first repayment of capital).

I also have such solutions in my offer.
As part of personal or e-mail consultations, I will reliably and free of charge inform you about the possibilities of obtaining funds for the development of the company, assess whether there are chances for obtaining them, and write a business plan for the project.

And one more novelty !!!

Following the example of the Financial Advisory companies operating in Germany, I propose cooperation in commissioned activities related to the company’s finances, dealing with official matters based on a power of attorney and other matters that are time consuming and interfere with the entrepreneur’s work rhythm.

When delegating some matters to an external company, he has more time for his own affairs, he does not have to employ an employee to whom he would have to pay remuneration and pay ZUS contributions.

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